The Client:          Your Last Name, First Name (Company Name)

The Company:   MPS Executive Suites (A Division of Davenport Management Ltd.)

The Fine Print: 

The Client authorizes the Company to establish services as noted below. Service shall commence on the indicated date and shall continue on an ongoing basis until one clear calendar month’s written notice of termination is given from either party.  The Company acknowledges receipt of a security deposit. The Client agrees to provide the Company with one clear calendar month of notice if they wish to cancel.  When the required one clear calendar month of notice of cancellation has been given by the Client, the amount of the deposit will be refunded by the Company within thirty (30) days of the last day of service. 

The Client agrees to pay for services in accordance with the Company’s rate schedule. The service fee is to be paid in advance of the month of service. Any additional services used will be billed on the next invoice. All charges for service provided are due and payable upon receipt of billing. A late charge of $10.00 or 5% per month (whichever is the greater) will be applied on any amounts outstanding beyond ten (10) days. The Company may suspend service at any time if the Client’s account remains outstanding beyond thirty (30) days.

The Company accepts no liability for equipment failure, staff errors or omissions, or interruption of services due to areas beyond the Company’s control.

The Client or any of its employees or affiliates agrees not to privately hire the services of any of the Company’s employees without the Company’s prior written consent. Should the Client or any of its employees or affiliates hire away any of the Company’s employees, the Client will be charged an agency and retraining fee of $30,000.00 per employee. This fee will be in effect during the contract and service period, as well as up to two years after the Client has left the service of the Company, and for up to two years after the employee has left the employ of the Company.

The Company reserves the right to revoke services to the Client should it be discovered that the Client is performing unlawful or unsafe practices.

The Package:     As selected on checkout.



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