Meeting Room Rentals: 5 Things to Consider Before Booking

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Meeting Room Rentals, MPS Blog

booMeeting room rentals in Vancouver. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, you may need to host important meetings from time to time. If you do not have a professional space to host these meetings, you will have to consider meeting room rentals. This may seem like a straight-forward task but selecting the right meeting room might be more complicated than you think. It is easy to overlook simple details that could end up negatively affecting your event. So, here are a few things to consider before you book a meeting room:

1. Ambience

The meeting room ambience has an important role to play in the success of your meeting. The meeting room you choose should complement the nature of your event. Size of the room, temperature control and lighting are a few things that could impact the ambience.

2. Setup style

Another thing to consider when selecting a meeting room rental is the setup style that the venue allows. For example, a round-table setup is ideal if you want attendees to connect and socialize during the meeting. For workshops, a classroom style is a great option, while the boardroom setup is suitable for meetings such as team briefings.

3. The facility’s offerings

Before you rent a meeting room, check to see that the facility offers the technology to support the agenda of your meeting. For example, if you will have presentations, you may need to find a meeting room that offers audio-visual aid as part of the meeting room rental package. Also, see whether on-site support, such as technical staff, will be available to assist you on the day of your event, should you encounter any challenges.

4. Cost

When you ask about what the facility has to offer, check to see whether these offerings are included in the rental cost or if you will be required to pay additional fees for certain features. Ensure you understand the exact cost of the space and any possible hidden cost as well before you sign the contract.

5. Payment terms

You need to consider the payment terms as well. Will you be required to pay a deposit before the room is reserved? If so, what percentage of the cost will that down payment be and when will you be required to pay it? How long will you have to pay the full balance?

You should ask about the payment options that are available too. Can you pay by credit card or will you have to write a cheque? If you are using a credit card, will there be additional fees?

6. Convenience and accessibility

When booking a meeting room, stop to think about where your attendees are coming from. It is best to find a meeting room that requires as little as possible travel to get there. Additionally, you should consider on-site parking and the availability of public transportation.

If there is any possibility that individuals with disabilities will be at your event, make sure they will be able to access the meeting room via wheelchair ramps and/or elevators, where necessary.

Meeting room rentals in Vancouver

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