MPS Executive Suites & COVID-19 – Updated July 29, 2021

by | Jul 29, 2021 | News

Given the state of the world the past year and a half, MPS Executive Suites, much like many other companies, has been faced with the tough task of deciding what is the best way to protect both our community of tenants and staff (including the loved ones of both) and to help protect the businesses that all of our clients represent.

Fortunately, our existing structure with private tenant office spaces and virtual services has afforded us to remain open throughout this entire time. Our priorities remain:

(a)    The safety of our staff and their families

(b)    The safety of the tenants and their families

(c)    The continuity of 200+ companies in our MPS community

(d)    The continuity of essential services that many of our clients provide to the community

(e)    The continuity of essential mail and courier receiving services that many clients still rely on

Because of these, we swiftly implemented operational adjustments in March 2020, ensuring we remained safely operational for the needs of all the businesses we represent.

We are excited to see our province reopening and regaining a sense of normalcy again. That said, we do want to respect the safety of those who enter our space. This includes individuals who would like to, but have not had the opportunity to receive their second vaccine yet.

The following list is updated regularly as the provincial safety measures continue to evolve with the current circumstances:

(1)    Physical Distancing of MPS Staff: To properly practice physical distancing mandated by the Government of BC, MPS has ensured that all team members are protected by shields or are adequately spread out . Over the coming months, we will be working with our team to revisit work station placements. That said, as we have been for the past year and a half, we will continue to maintain full staffing to ensure our level of customer service is not compromised.

(2)     Tenant Congregating: For discussions between 2 or more people in our common area space, we ask that you continue to respect the 2-meter distance suggested by the government, and wear masks in communal areas until at least the end of July 2021.

(3)    Boardroom and Meeting Room Rentals: We have reopened the use of our meeting rooms. To enhance the personal comfort and safety of those present in your meeting, if physical distancing is not possible, we recommend that masks be worn per the BC government’s guideline. If you do not have a mask but would like to use one for your meeting, we have masks available for purchase ($1 each) at our reception desk.

(4)    Private Office Rentals: We have opened up two of our full-time private offices to use as additional hourly or daily meeting space to ensure all client meeting room requests can be accommodated.

(5)    Doubling All Cleaning Efforts: All surfaces that clients come into contact with will be sanitized twice a day by an MPS staff member. This is in addition to the daily cleaning done by the building’s janitorial staff in the evenings. Our recommendation for all MPS tenants is to wash their hands or use the provided hand sanitizer whenever entering or exiting their private offices. We have also provided additional sanitizing supplies throughout the office if you prefer to sterilize as you go.

(6)    Wearing A Mask: Masks are no longer required but are still recommended.

(7)    All Administrative and Word Processing Requests: We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in the past year and a half to digitally submit work as much as possible. MPS is happy to now return to in-person meetings to turn over administrative and word processing projects.

(8)    If you are sick, showing symptoms, are returning from travel, or have been in contact with someone who is showing symptoms, please stay home and proceed with CDC precautions of self-monitoring and self-isolation as necessary. If our team feels there is a failure to comply, you may be asked to leave.

As things continue to progress, we will closely monitor the recommendations of the provincial and federal governments. We will keep you informed if there are any changes to our situation or the information above as soon as we can.

Over the 40 years of being in business at MPS, there have been many challenging times brought forward by public health and economic factors. Although this global situation was unprecedented for our lifetime,  we are now nearing the light at the end of the tunnel, and I know that this too shall pass. What I do believe in with all my heart is the resiliency of our Country, our community, and our amazing team. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team, or to me directly.


Karline Mark-Eng
Owner & General Manager

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